Wedding photography in Barcelona

Wedding photography in BarcelonaWedding photography in Barcelona may be a special if not unique experience. When you shoot photo of the newlyweds in the street, people stop to congratulate with them, offer warm wishes and somebody also ask to take picture with them. I do not exaggerate if I am saying newlyweds are treated almost as celebrities while they are walking along the famous Rambla pedestrian mall with myself taking photos of them. Wedding photography in Barcelona is just a magic experience.

The other day I realised a photo shoot in Barcelona for a nice and young Turkish couple who has chosen Barcelona to get married through legal marriage at the local Turkish consulate and as their honey moon destination. They asked me for one hour photo session in the Gothic Quarter, probably the best location for a lovely photo shoot. Despite it was early morning, there were quite a few people in the street as it was an ordinary working day. Someone started to congratulate the happy couple and a few old women got really excited to see them. I saw more than a woman who was touched to see the lovely bride with her white wedding dress.

Wedding photography in BarcelonaOnce we walked around the corner and ended up in the Rambla street, locals and tourists turn and started to clap the newlyweds. Some tourists stopped them because they wanted to take a selfie as an unusual souvenir. I will not deny that I started to get a bit annoyed as I was constantly interrupted while I was shooting photos of the newlyweds and I was afraid to not get enough images in time for the photo shoot before their appointment at the local Turkish consulate for the civil marriage. The Turkish couple got married a couple of hours after my photo shoot and got ready for their romantic honey moon in town. They emailed me a week later to say thank you for the lovely images of them I took before their marriage and, above all, to let me know they were extremely happy about all the local enthusiast people they met during the photo shoot. We never experienced something like that before they wrote me and this is something we will always keep in our hearts because unexpected and so genuine. As I said before, wedding photography in Barcelona is just magic.