A romantic wedding anniversary photo shoot

wedding anniversary photo shootLast week I realized a wedding anniversary photo shoot near Barcelona for a lovely elderly couple on visit for a second romantic honey moon in Spain. For privacy reason I will not mention their names but just their nationality. They came from a small town somewhere along the Norwegian coast. They got married up there in 1959 in a wet and foggy March’s day, as they told me before starting the photo shoot. Their families, along with the generous friends’ support, organized everything for their wedding and also the honeymoon. At that time, Spain was starting to become more and more a tourist destination for people from Scandinavia.

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A photo shoot in Barcelona to remember

Photo shoot in BarcelonaCaroline and Matthew wanted a photo shoot in Barcelona. They had chosen the Spanish city as a special destination to declare their engagement. Just a short vacation away from their jobs in New Jersey (USA). They explained me by email they already experienced a photo shoot in Paris a couple of years before. 

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