Mobile World Congress

Mobile World CongressIn a few weeks, Barcelona will host the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. Every year, this conference, featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators and technology providers from all over the world, attracts over 100,000 people.

Last year, one of these participants decided to have a one day-break in town after the MWC was over in order to enjoy Barcelona with his wife in an unusual way. Mike, that’s his name, a Canadian engineer, was attending MWC while his wife spent the whole congress’ period by exploring the Gaudi’s architectural beauties in Barcelona. Once MWC was over, they contacted us after having searched for a vacation photographer in Barcelona on the net. They wanted to have a lovely personal souvenir of their staying in Barcelona after Mike’s exhausting work at the MWC venue. His wife already knew the city very well but Mike didn’t have any chance to walk around the picturesque old town as he was trapped at MWC venue all the time. By hiring me as a personal photographer for their 2-hour photo shoot in the Gothic Quarter, finally Mike had the chance to rest a bit and enjoy Barcelona. They arranged the photo session with me in terms of desired locations and the kind of pictures they were looking for. They left all the rest to the photographer’s initiative. I just asked them to realize a very early morning photo session as at that time they could enjoy a more intimate Barcelona with the still empty picturesque empty alleys and medieval squares around the Gothic Quarter. Moreover, the light, at that time, was soft and gentle, the best a photographer can dream. I took photos of them while they were sat down at a cafe sipping a hot cafe con leche or while they were watching window shops in the street. I tried my best to be discrete while I was shooting pictures of them and I got the feeling they really were enjoying Barcelona and relaxing finally. They wrote me they were enthusiast about the photo shoot after I delivered the agreed images and if it was not for the 2-hour photo shoot I organized for them in the Gothic Quarter, they would have any real pleasant souvenir of Barcelona.
If you are attending the coming MWC 2019 think of exploring Barcelona in a different and original way by asking for a photo shoot realized by a professional photographer while you are in town. Even if you are alone it will be a great memory of your staying in Barcelona during the MWC 2019.