Barcelona photo shoot safe storage

Barcelona photo shoot safe storageIn the last month,  three different clients I realize a photo shoot in Barcelona for, sent an email to me asking if I saved a copy of their photos as they lost all or part of the images of the photo shoot I did. Unfortunately, I had to reply them I could not satisfy their request as I normally save only a few of the images shot during a photo session. Usually, I save what I consider to be the best ones or the most representative images of the whole photo shoot I did for my personal portfolio. For privacy reasons, I always delete all the other images I shot during the photo sessions in Barcelona.

I realized dozens of photo shoots in Barcelona so far for tourists visiting  this lovely Spanish city but never happened before a client lost all or part of the photos I delivered. What happened to these three clients of mine was sad for sure. This pushed me to both give some tips in my images delivery’s email to the client and also offer a brand new service for my clients to avoid images be lost definitely. The tips I am going to suggest my clients are: 

  • once you receive the delivered images of your photo shoot in Barcelona, make a copy of all images and save them in your PC/Mac or in a hard disk. If you have a cloud-service subscription, upload there an additional copy of your images. You can use the free Google Drive service (up to 15 Gb) for example. If something goes wrong with your hard disk, you will have an additional copy saved in the cloud (or viceversa).
  • print all or part of the delivered images. Make a photo book with the ones you like most. It’s really important also to print your best memories and not just leave them digitally saved. 

The new service I will introduce soon is called Barcelona Photo shoot safe storage. For the price of 70€ you can opt for a 2-year safe storage of all the edited images of your photo shoot in Barcelona. I will save the images in my server and in case you have lost all or part of the delivered images, you’ll receive promptly a copy of the lost images via The 2-year subscription to this new service can be renewed for additional 2 years and so on. 

With Barcelona Photo shoot safe storage, you will avoid you to loose the images of your photo session in Barcelona for ever and I can guarantee you the best memories of your staying in Barcelona will always be preserved.